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DEPOSITS - Your first deposit is the actual retainer for your event reservation. All wedding services require a 50% deposit, rendered as one payment.No reservations or services will be provided without a 50% deposit. All payments are due in total no less than 14 days before the wedding. Late payments will result in late fees or services not rendered, regardless of personal timelines. All deposits are final and non-refundable.
48HR Request - Service requests made with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a 40% surcharge.
PAYMENT OPTIONS - Kenson Noel Photography accepts credit card payments online and in person. No payments will be accepted on the day of or after the wedding date.

FINAL BALANCES - Final payments are due no later than 10 days after notice of service completion.It is important to know that neither finished products nor any raw materials will be released for accounts carrying an outstanding balance, regardless of personal timelines or consequences. Any amount not paid when due for which an outside collection agency and/or an attorney is retained will result in the customer’s liability for all collection fees, attorney fees, interest and all costs associated with the collection of any past due amount.
TAX AND SHIPPING CHARGES - All necessary sales tax and shipping charges will be billed separately.
WATERMARKS - All proofing materials are watermarked.

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Before you make any payments or commit to any services, read the studio policies. The bulleted items that you read are non-negotiable and binding. If you still have inquiries try using our Contact Page.
Please review these terms as they will be presented to on your first service date for signing.

šProperty: All original media used and produced for the successful completion of this project agreement belong to and will remain as the exclusive property of KN PHOTO. KN PHOTO reserves the right to use the negatives, images, and /or any reproductions for display and marketing unless specified in writing by privacy agreement.
Standard Turnaround: The standard turnaround time for online photo proofing is 14 days. Video proofs will be ready for viewing within 30 days of the last recording day. Wedding clients may request “Express Turnaround” for a 30% surcharge.š
Appointment Lateness: If a client arrives late for an appointment, only the time remaining will be used. š
Appointment “No Show”: If a client fails to make an appointment without giving sufficient notice, the appointment may not be rescheduled and there will be no opportunity for any refund.
Project Cancellation: In the event that a client requests to cancel or postpone a project, the client will not be required to continue paying the project balance. However, there will be no refund for deposits already made.
Signed Documents: Once a project document is signed, it is final. Changes to signed documents will incur a $15 surcharge.
Persons Responsible: Persons whose names appear printed and/or signed on project documents agree to be held liable for any and all payments(s) relative to that contract as of the signature date.

Travel Surcharges: All event quotes will reflect the travel expenses for the details listed in the quote. New expenses will be invoiced.
Fulfillment of Duties
: Once a client’s contracted items and services have been received, the duties of KN PHOTO Media have been fulfilled. Placing orders for additional albums, “Thank You Cards”, Prints or DVD’s are then the responsibility of the client.
Timeline for Ordering
: Once a client has reviewed their proofs, the purchase of items online must be done before the event expiration date. If no selection is made before the expiration date, a $75 reactivation fee will be required for further viewing.
šRetouching: Images may be digitally enhanced or retouched for a separate fee.
Re-shooting: re-shooting a project once it has been completed according to the written contract description, will only be done through a new contract agreement.
Final Proofs: All proofs are final. If there is footage or photos that the client would like to take over or redo, a new and separate contract will be written.
Customer Service Compensation: In the event KN PHOTO fails to provide a contracted services, the client agrees to be compensated at the discretion of Intelligent Art Media.
Liability: Liability on the part of the KN PHOTO is limited to the cost of the materials and/or services provided.
Confirmed Signee:For day to day business operations 
Recording: All correspondence between KN PHOTO and confirmed signees may be recorded for archiving.
Engagement Portraits: “Engagement Portraits” must be scheduled 30 days prior to Wedding date. When no appointment is made before that time, the engagement portrait will be forfeited without refund. š
Terms subject to change without notice.

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Time is the single most important resource on your wedding day. When time is lost, so are the pictures. One of the most frequently observed mistakes in planning a wedding is not allotting sufficient time  to the photographer for portraits. Many couples devote an hour to the photographer but don't take into account,  time to travel to and from the photo destination, alternate traffic routes or even how many people will be part of the group portraits. TIP: Leave you're photographer approx. 90 minutes, excluding travel time, for portraits and group formals. This will make certain that your photographer has enough time to create the beautiful art you hired him/her for.
Many brides and grooms feel its important to greet each and every guest that attend their wedding. And so after the ceremony they decide to have a receiving line. The reality is that, the receiving line is a time consuming formality which feels good at the moment but only sometimes leads to great candid. Given the amount of time and energy it zaps from you, the one or two nice candids you get out of it, may not be worth all the great images you and your new husband/ wife could be shooting with the photographer.  TIP: If "Time is your BFF", the receiving line is your Frenemy. Forget the receiving line because you are going to see everyone at the reception. Give that time to your photographer so you can have fun with your portraits.

Many couples who haven't done a receiving line at the ceremony believe they ought to go to every table and shake every hand at the reception. Not so. I f time is a limited resource, than why not kill 2 birds with one stone. It is far better to take the couple to the dance floor and have the DJ make an announcement for anyone wanting to take a picture with the bride and groom should meet us on the dance floor. TIP: Be the star of the day, that's what you paid for. Have your guests meet you on the dance floor for a picture and you will get to greet each of them. You'll even get better pictures because the mood has changed and now everybody is dancing.

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Filling out a booking form is your official request for professional photography service. However doing so  does not automatically reserve your date. Please be aware that your date is held only after a deposit has been made. All bookings are provisional and will have to be reviewed. You can expect a reply within 24-48 hours either by email or phone.
You will notice two icons, each linking you to a booking form. If you or someone you know is getting married, the wedding icon will lead you to the wedding form. And if you would like to request service for any other social, corporate or sporting event, please use the special events icon. Be advised that the forms must have all the necessary information. Responses of, "TBD", "I don't know yet" or "Not sure" will invalidate your request. If some of the details for your event have yet to confirmed, contact us so we can discuss your event.

KN Photo makes life easy by providing the convenience of booking your services online. When booking online please be sure that your information is valid as of the submission date. If the details of your event change, you can re-submit a new form. However, only the most recent form will be accepted. And only the details in the most recent form will be followed. Also, please know that re-submitting new information must be done in a timely manner. As a policy, no new details will be accepted within 7 days of any event.

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